my new book of poems (in Hungarian) 02.02.2024 

Zita Murányi (Budapest, 17 January 1982 -) Hungarian writer, poet
Her poems have been published in literary magazines, including Mozgó Világ, Élet és Irodalom, Jelenkor, Bárka, and Népszabadság. In 2004, he received the Sándor Bródy Prize for his first independent book, the short novel Tükörpalota (Mirror Palace), published in 2003.

Her books of poem

Star; Equinter, Bp., 2015 (Dive)

Jolly Joker; Litera-Túra, Pécs, 2018

(V)érző fa; Magyar Napló, Bp., 2020

Her novels

Mirrorpalace (Tükörpalota, Stádium 2003)

Double daddy (Duplapu, Korona 2007)

Freedom (Magyar Napló 2022)

On Mr. Darcy's sofa (Inovie Books, 2023)